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How long do these viewers stay on my video?

View duration depends greatly on the length of your video. On longer videos, our high duration YouTube service will work much more effectively, as we have a video with more watch time to work with, raising your overall average. This allows your viewers to watch the video to the very end. If you have a shorter video that is only 10 minutes, there is a greater chance that your viewers will all watch the video until completion, but you'll also be missing out on valuable watch hours. Ultimately, longer videos work better with this service. We recommend placing a small order to test to see how well these work for your specific videos.

Will this help with my overall watch hours?

Yes! If you're trying to get your watch hours up, using our High Duration YouTube Views service on a longer video is a great way to go, especially if the video is over an hour long. If you have an hour long video and order 10,000 views, and those 10,000 viewers watch your video for an hour, you'll have around 10,000 hours in watch hours from a single order.

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