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Are these real comments?

Yes! The users that are commenting on your channel are real people with YouTube accounts. We can't control what they say, and they will leave comments on your video on their own free will. We try to encourage users to leave positive comments, but ultimately, it's up to them what kind of comment they leave.

How quickly can I expect to see these comments?

Most of our orders are completed inside a week, though some orders can take a little longer than a week, especially longer orders. We don't like to rush videos and promote them too quickly, and we track our work very carefully so that it doesn't interfere with the organic growth of your video. For example, if your video gets 10 organic comments as we're promoting it, we won't count those towards the comments we owe you - we will give you the exact number of comments that you ordered.

Somebody left a strange or undesirable comment - what can I do?

Unfortunately there's not much we can do about negative YouTube comments. We're putting your video in front of real people, so there's a small percentage of users who will have something negative to say. This is the nature of YouTube - go on any YouTube video and you'll see some negative comments down below. We work hard to encourage positivity in comments, and we work hard to meet a high level of quality. Often times, the best way to push down negative comments is to simply continue growing your video and getting new comments to push the bad ones down. You can also simply "Dislike" a bad comment to move it further down in YouTube's algorithm, and give a "Thumbs up" to the ones that you like to elevate those.

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