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50+ Social Media Experts to Follow on Twitter

Posted by on May 18th, 2022
Written by ContentPowered.com

I talk a lot about how you can succeed on Twitter, but one thing I haven’t done is given you a good reference list of great Twitter users to follow. I’ve put together a good list of influencers, clever posters and high profile bloggers. There are a lot of them, so let’s get started!

Darren Rowse – Founder of ProBlogger and high profile influencer in the marketing space. Darren has 238,000 followers and tweets a lot of his own content. His content is generally focused on making headway in growing a blogging business and making serious money.

Jay Baer – President of Convince, author, marketer, and podcaster. Jay is generally an excellent example of how to use cover photos for marketing. I’m skeptical of his claim to be “the most re-tweeted person in the world among digital marketers” though, given that his tweets seem to only get a dozen retweets on average. He has 216,000 followers.

Kim Garst – One of the top-tier female marketers in the world, an expert in live video, and a highly prolific speaker. Kim is a great example of a personal brand and a very vibrant graphical Twitter feed.

Lilach Bullock – Founder of Communications Axis, member of the Forbes Top 20 Women in Social Media, and all around social sales expert. Her feed is proof that you can post around the clock and still come out ahead. She posts 1-2 times an hour all day long. She also frequently retweets interesting content, unlike the feeds above.

Jenn Herman – Social media trainer and owner of Jenn’s Trends, a consistent winner of a place in the Social Media Examiner top 10 social media blogs list. She frequently curates great content from around the web, so her feed is great to watch.

Jeff BullasHigh profile blogger on many influential sites, including the New York Times, Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post, as well as his own site. Another member of the Forbes top 20 Influential Content Marketers list.

Jeff Bullas Twitter Profile

Joe Pulizzi – Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and publisher of many great books on the same. Blog marketing, content marketing, social media and SEO are all facets of the same great crystal, and it’s always good to follow people who can help with any one of them.

Neil Patel One of the biggest names in content marketing and SEO. Neil is the founder or co-founder of numerous large businesses, including Quicksprout, Crazy Egg, and KISSMetrics. You simply can’t miss his insights and still call yourself a marketer.

Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO of Vayner Media with over a million followers. Gary is one of the more personal accounts on this list, tweeting more than just marketing content, and his follower count reflects that. People like the personality, and the insights combine to bring a great integrated social media stream to fruition.

Mari Smith – Thought leader and expert on Facebook marketing, using Twitter to broaden her horizons. Her feed is full of great curated content, but the real value comes when she posts her own stuff, which is generally full of excellent advice.

Mari Smith Twitter Profile

Jason Houck- Owner of Weigh Your Mind and thoughtful poster on Twitter. He actually shares a lot of his insights in tweet-sized bites, making them much easier to digest to an so many others, that require you to skip out and read a blog post. I love his posts for their short insights.

Ted Coine – Ex-CEO and current speaker, teacher, author, and member of OPEN. Ted ahs been a speaker at TEDX and other conferences, has written excellent books on social media, and was named one of Inc’s top 100 speakers.

Ann Handley – Head of content for Marketing Profs and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her philosophy is that everyone can be excellent at what they do, and she gives you tips on how to produce excellent content for every stage of marketing.

Sean Gardner – VP of the World Communications Forum, frequent speaker and advisor for the Digital Marketing World Forum event. Sean is also a co-founder of the Twitter Powerhouse Series of interviews on the Huffington Post and was named the #1 social media power influencer by Forbes at least once.

Glen Gilmore – Another of the Forbes top 20 social media influencers, as well as a member of the TIME Men of Action list. He’s a specialist in the Internet of Things, and he uses social media to keep everyone connected and up to date.

Peg Fitzpatrick – Speaker and author in the art of social media. Peg is one of the foremost authorities in Pinterest marketing, and as such her Twitter feed links to it fairly often and is extremely visual in nature. If you want to know how to succeed on the craftiest social media platform, this is the place to go.

Deidre Breakenridge – CEO of Pure Performance Communications. Deirdre is an author, speaker, and adjunct professor. Her content strikes a good personal touch, and while she’s not great at Twitter marketing, her insight in public relations is top notch.

Shonali Burke – CEO of Social PR Biz, teacher, and founder of Measure PR. Obviously enough, she’s an authority in PR and social public relations of all sorts. She may not have many followers, but that just means the insight you get from her is more exclusive and a unique source of curation should you desire.

Guy KawasakiOne of the biggest names in marketing and author of 13 books. Spent time as the chief evangelist of Apple, and is now that same role for Canva, one of the best modern marketing tools around. He’s extremely highly engaged with the world around him and has earned every one of his 1.5 million followers.

Guy Kawasaki Twitter

Noah Kagan – Founder of AppSumo and OKDork. Noah is an excellent follow for tips about growth hacking, as well as a lot of minor personal insights that show you that no matter who you are, you can find success in your niche.

Rand Fishkin Founder of Moz, author, and very prolific tweeter. He posts 30-40 times per week and it’s pretty much always a hit. If you only follow one person on this immense list, follow Rand; his insights and his curated content stream pulls double duty for anyone.

Kristi Hines – Founder of Kikolani, prolific blogger, and authority on blog writing. Kristi is one of the foremost authorities on guest blogging, blogging in general, and ghostwriting. She’s been in the industry long enough to have deep experience without getting stuck in an ineffective rut.

Hiten Shah – Most of the success Neil Patel has found, he found with Hiten Shah at his site. Hiten has all the same credentials and, while he’s maybe not as prolific or as public-facing, he’s just as insightful and has made a very good curated content feed.

Kevan Lee – Director of marketing for Buffer. I practically don’t need to say anything else, do I? Then again, maybe I should justify following him rather than Buffer directly. In addition to sharing Buffer content, he posts some pretty deeply insightful studies that you won’t find on their corporate account.

Ryan Deiss – Founder of Digital Marketer and Native Commerce. His Twitter feed might not be the most followed thing around, but his blog is excellent, and he curates excellent content as well as posts from that blog.

Larry KimFounder of Wordstream and one of the top columnists for Inc. It’s Larry Kim, guys, he’s one of the top personalities in marketing these days. I really don’t have much else to say.

Larry Kim Twitter

Amy Porterfield – Not the CEO or founder of anything, which makes her growth into a high profile blogger even better. She knows all about how to grow a brand, from social media to profits and monetization. She’s full of great content at every turn.

Jon Jantsch – Author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, and a couple other useful books. John is a marketing consultant and speaker with a unique approach to marketing that doesn’t necessarily fit everyone, but is highly effective when put in motion.

Pam Moore – Speaker, CEO of Social Zoom Factor, and member of the Forbes top 10 social influencers. Her feed is packed full of excellent value and ensures that there’s always something there for you to find valuable.

Danny SullivanFounding editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, two of the best resources for up to date news on marketing and SEO. He’s been on Twitter for almost a decade now, and his experience shows.

Barry Schwartz – CEO of the marketing firm Rusty Brick and executive editor of Search Engine Roundtable. He’s another primary source for a lot of ongoing and upcoming news in search, and is a great place to start when looking for news.

Aleyda Solis – One of the more international entries on this list, based out of Spain, Aleyda is the founder of Orainti. She also writes for Search Engine Land, Moz, and the State of Digital Academy. When she’s not being prolific online, she’s prolific in person, speaking at events around the world.

Dharmesh ShahFounder of Hubspot, which is the source of an exceedingly large number of excellent posts referenced around the web in all things business and marketing. Seriously, they have three blogs. If you can’t get enough of them on Hubspot, follow his Twitter as well.

Founder of Hubspot

Ann Smarty – Brand manager for Ninjas Marketing and Founder of My Blog University and Viral Content Buzz. She tweets a ton, though she’s surprisingly only in the top 10 most prolific tweeters on this list.

Perry Marshall – Not a prolific tweeter, but one of the foremost experts in PPC, particularly AdWords. He’s pretty much the go-to guy if you’re looking to read about PPC and optimize your campaigns.

Jonathan Long – CEO of Market Domination Media and regular writer for Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider and others. If you’re looking for a broad awareness of social media without the constant blog post links, Jonathan’s feed is the place to go. Many of his tweets don’t even have links, and are simply meant for engagement and fun.

James Altucher – Eccentric and emotional blogger, James is not successful because he subscribes to traditional marketing ideas and puts them to practice. He’s very much his own man, and he is successful because he lives a life the way he chooses.

Jack DorseyOne of the founders of Twitter, Jack remains active on the platform, sharing news and insights in a wide range of topics. If you wonder how the incredibly successful live, this is one good account to follow.

Tim FerrissAuthor of the famous 4-Hour Workweek lifestyle book, Tim is a study in how to live your life in a way that you can be maximally successful for a minimal investment. He covers a little bit of everything, from investing to strength training to meditation.

Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos, Tony is an interesting character with interesting ideas. Unorthodox strategies abound. Let it be known that he tweets very rarely, only a few times a year in fact, but those tweets are almost always worth checking out.

Seth GodinSeth is a marketing guru who is one of the few people I would actually use the word guru to describe. His Twitter is unfortunately more of an RSS feed than it is an account made for engagement, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a good reminder when a great piece of content hits the web.

Seth Godin Twitter

Pat Flynn – Owner of Smart Passive Income, Pat is one of the main guys in the world of passive marketing. Like Tim Ferriss, he’ll help you live your life in a way that sets you up for success in all of your endeavors.

Jane McGonical – Author and gamer, Jane thrives on the intersection between life and play. Gamification in marketing is just one of the many topics she covers, and you can learn a lot from someone who loves life.

Jason Falls – Marketer and humorous, Falls is a humorous man with the position of senior vice president at Elastic. His personality is the prime reason to follow him, and his excellent advice is just icing on the cake.

Eve Mayer – Eve is the self-styled LinkedIn Queen, and she’s an absolute pro when it comes to marketing on that business-centric platform.

David Meerman Scott – David is a prolific curator of excellent content, most of which he finds ahead of the curve. If you like being one of the first to break news in your circle, follow him; he’ll hook you up.

Marsha Collier – Marsha is the author of nearly 50 books about social media, ecommerce, and a bunch more. She’s another member of the Forbes top 10 list as well.

Michael Stelzner – Founder of Social Media Examiner. His Twitter feed is a direct line to all things social media, including ongoing reporting of the SME success summits.

Diana Adams – An extremely prolific blogger, having written over 4,100 blog posts, including some for Hauwei and PostPlanner. Owner of Adams Consulting Group.

Beth Kanter – A marketer specifically working in the nonprofit niche, which is very important and unique among marketing niches as most traditional monetary strategies don’t work or have limited success.

John Lee Dumas – Host and founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, author of the Freedom journal, and a prolific poster with a goal of helping you succeed in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

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