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Twitter vs Instagram: Which Has Better Engagement?

Posted by on May 31st, 2017

Twitter and Instagram are at once very different platforms, and surprisingly similar. One is focused on small, short bursts of content and engagement; the other is highly visual and emphasizes the image over the words. Yet both use Hashtags, both …

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Social Media

FollowLiker vs TwtDominator: Which is Better and Safer?

Posted by on February 28th, 2017

On this site, I like to keep things generally white hat. It’s easier and safer to grow a brand or a business using legitimate tools and techniques than it is to delve into black hat strategies.

Think about it like …

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Social Media

How to Create Quizzes and Polls on Social Media

Posted by on August 4th, 2016

Quizzes, polls, and general questions are all excellent ways to boost engagement and learn about your audience. You can cover a broad range of topics, you can turn it into an incentivized event, or you can even make it a …

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Social Media

How to Find Which Hashtags Will Drive the Most Traffic

Posted by on May 23rd, 2016

Hashtags are an interesting concept with web marketing. They’re present on many platforms, and can be implicitly present without actually including value on other sites. I can type #hashtag here but it won’t be a link, it won’t be clickable, …

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